Conservation is not only helping animals.
It is about being the change in the world for us as human beings
and the animals that also call our planet home.

That is why Vos & Co Safaris help with social upliftment of
the rural communities.
Education of people with a passion for wildlife and nature.
Creating jobs in the conservation flied.
Giving hope and self worth to the person.

If you feed a poacher’s family you save an animal.
If you give a poacher a job, you save an animal.
If you teach a poacher, you educate a community.
If you educate a community, you save a natural habitat.
If you save a habitat, you change the world.

The Community and Conservation Fund is hunters’ dollars making
a difference.

We at Vos & Co Safaris would like to that our clients for making a change in the world.

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