You own gun is the best gun.

  • You must be older than 21 to bring a rifle to South Africa.
  • Minimum calibre for medium to large size game is a .270
  • Dangerous game the .375 is by law the minimum.
  • Plains game are hunted in ranges from 50 to 300 yards
  • Dangerous game never exceeds 100 yards.
  • Only one rifle per calibre and no semi automatic rifles are allowed.
  • Maximum 3 Rifles per client are allowed.
  • Always use premium bullets and a maximum of 100 bullets are allowed per rifle.
  • 60 bullets are enough.
  • Ammunition must be kept separate from rifles in a lockable case. Weighing less than 11 lb total.
  • Rifle temporary import permit must be filled in ahead of time by the client
    but not signed. Sign in front of a South African Police Service officer.
  • We can assist with permit application at JHB airport @ $100 per person.
  • Rifles can be hired @ $50 per day
  • Ammo cost $5 per round.
  • You must have a document that states proof of ownership. (US customs form 4457)